An alien landscape

Fishman Garry


Elephant on a Wire

I got the inspiration from seeing a photo of a wood pigeon sitting on the wire hoop of a bird-feeder and thinking how silly it looks with this rather bulky-looking bird sitting on this tiny wire. Amplify that concept and you have elephant on telephone-wires.

I made this piece for a friend who was having a rough time. For some reason we ended up talking about gerbils as she has/had them as pets. I don't remember where this exact concept came about, however.

Borrowing from the fantasy genre, the idea of a mystical garden

"Universe". In the 51st Century the spaceship SS Tiala explores the outer reaches of the Vanderbeld galaxy.

I'm interested in the idea of alternate dimensions, multiverse. This is a room with portals to various realities.

A vehicle cobbled together from whatever decaying vehicle remains they (humans) could find

Land of Books

Rather a lot going on in this scene. Did you notice the ironic rabbit-fox?

Squirrel fortune teller

I believe I was inspired by James and the Giant Peach which I watched many times as a child, which mixed live action and stop-motion

Machines have a certain almost human quality to them sometimes

Inspired by the works of Salvador Dali

I was traveling by train near a bright yellow field like this one and it looked rather fluorescent, like a highlighter.

Space bridge. The 'spaceships' are actually constructed out of images of screwdrivers


The miniature people that inhabit our world

If you haven't been bird-skiing you haven't lived

A woman casually observed the flipside world

In the future machines have turned on humankind. Watch out!

Pyramids aren't usually this... alive

This somewhat odd scene is made up entirely of piano keys

That is an actual flower she is 'wearing'

Woman riding a hoverfly

One very odd bike

If the Great Wall of China housed the London Underground
Future Roads. Estimated year 77002, the surface is crowded with traffic so cars have taken to the skies.
Storm in a teacup
Admiralty building, London
Before apples appear on the shelves...
Loading reality
We wear many masks
Film poster
Note: This is not an actual advert
Birds cow rustling
Polar bus stop
This last one was made for a job application for Orb Birmingham. Well, doesn't hurt
Image used as a (mock) advertisement
Seasons in a cupboard

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