Penguin wash. Based on the theme of penguins being washed like a car, I made this image as a greetings card for a friend, with whom we've shared a family tradition of sharing penguin-themed content. This was inspired by a scene in Shark Tale (2004).
Turtle war. This is originated from a single turtle metal figurine owned by a local takeaway, which was a gift from the owner's daughter if I recall. I noticed the figurine in the window when passing and spoke to them about taking some photos and making this image. I used the Puppet Tool to manipulate the limbs a bit to avoid too much obvious repetition in the image. The setting was inspired by films such as "300" (released 2006).

A space storm. 

I constructed this image from a photo of an oval-shaped cheese-grater looking down the length from below, some sunset photos I took, and a space photo from Unsplash (at end).

Loco loco

I constructed this image out of a combination of a steam train and goods wagons.
This creature is the result of the remnants of paint on my friend Lili's paint palette. 🎨

Cricket cricket

Fishman Garry

Elephant on a Wire

I got the inspiration from seeing a photo of a wood pigeon sitting on the wire hoop of a bird-feeder and thinking how silly it looks with this rather bulky-looking bird sitting on this tiny wire. Amplify that concept and you have elephant on telephone-wires.

I made this piece for a friend who was having a rough time. For some reason we ended up talking about gerbils as she has/had them as pets. I don't remember where this exact concept came about, however.

Borrowing from the fantasy genre, the idea of a mystical garden

Inspired by The Umbrella Academy on Netflix.

"Universe". In the 51st Century the spaceship SS Tiala explores the outer reaches of the Vanderbeld galaxy.

The 'planet' surface is actually part of a sheep

I'm interested in the idea of alternate dimensions, multiverse. This is a room with portals to various realities.

The features of a modern smartphone as depicted by early technology
This image consists of part of a seafront telescope (the middle of the ship circle), a dandelion clock (bright blue bit), and a bottle opener (tail of ship). There is a faint flower and dandelion clock in the background.

Fruit sunrise/set

A vehicle cobbled together from whatever decaying vehicle remains they (humans) could find

Made of a tractor, large extractor fans

Land of Books

Inspired by Skyrim I think
Floor is from a photo of an abandoned building, only warped

Rather a lot going on in this scene. Did you notice the ironic rabbit-fox?

- giant fish about to eat a turtle attached to a balloon
- rainbow fish arc
- fish-seagulls
- giant feather
- Rabbit-fox
- Reflection of building in water

Squirrel fortune teller

Marble for glass ball
I believe I was inspired by James and the Giant Peach which I watched many times as a child, which mixed live action and stop-motion

Machines have a certain almost human quality to them sometimes

I had this idea for a floating temple in space for a while.
Inspired by a certain popular film set in a certain wizarding school
I was traveling by train near a bright yellow field like this one and it looked rather fluorescent, like a highlighter.

Space bridge.

The 'spaceships' are actually constructed out of images of screwdrivers


The miniature people that inhabit our world

If you haven't been bird-skiing you haven't lived!

A woman casually observed the flipside world

In the future machines have turned on humankind. Watch out!

The machine is a modified mining extractor machine, meant to resemble a crocodile

Pyramids aren't usually this... alive

The shell is actually a spiral staircase
The neck area is a Singer-type sewing machine

This somewhat odd scene is made up entirely of piano keys

That is an actual flower she is 'wearing'

Woman riding a hoverfly
This was meant to be a bee originally hence that but the insect source photo was mislabelled. The woman was riding a horse originally

One very odd bike

If the Great Wall of China housed the London Underground
Future Roads. Estimated year 77002, the surface is crowded with traffic so cars have taken to the skies.
Storm in a teacup
Admiralty building, London
Before apples appear on the shelves...
This was inspired by a book I was given called Little People in the City: The Street Art of Slinkachu, where the artist places tiny miniature people figures into real world settings to comical effect. In my case, however, I used photos of real people and added them on. The apple did originally have a stripe on it like that
The original title was going to be A Cat Wrote Shakespeare but the study is from the wrong time period (Victorian)
Loading reality
I think I took this photo locally to where I lived at the time
The ground is aubergines, the rider is half peach half pear with banana legs, broccoli head, and aubergine feet. The traffic light contains a greengage, satsuma, and tomato, the hedge is broccoli and the 'grass' is green beans
We wear many masks
The subject here was a volunteer coordinator where I was studying. I asked him to make various expressions which I photographed and added to the shelf. I also modified the one in his hand to appear more mask-like. The concept is how we present a façade to the world that doesn't necessarily reflect how we feel
This merges a bus with a train, recoloured to match the bus. I also cloned the bus and placed behind for the other 'carriages'
One summer there were a lot of large flies around so I went with that and exaggerated the idea
Universal storage, the world in a drawer
 A spoof of Apple product adverts
Note: This is not an actual advert
The source photos (besides the teeth) were taken in Uxbridge, London
I was at a social meet and one of the people there didn't like pizza crust so left theirs with a hint of pizza remaining around it. I took a photo of that and used it for this composite, edited to cover part of the beach.
One of my fruit composites. The carrot pillars are partially visible underwater as are the olive 'rocks'. The bananas form the arches and I have two seagulls on top of the arches
The teeth are church spires ⛪
I was inspired for this image when I noticed the sticker on the side of an escalator that used a vector graphic to remind people to hold the handrail. Due to the limited style of the image, the lower half of the figure was missing and I used that as my basis. The photos sourced here were originally black and white and I added colour
 The tomato that bites back. I think the teeth were from a photo of an animal skeleton with large teeth
Hell. I think this was made from volcano photos
This 'boat' was made from a watermelon (hull), olive cannons, green beans for the mast, and lettuce leaves for the sails and flags
Birds cow rustling
Polar bus stop
This was inspired by the video game Dishonoured, set in a totalitarian dystopian dictatorship. Here the lighthouse is part of the fictional military infrastructure.
The tower is actually a photo I took of a gate post locally. The back jets of the walking robot in the sea were from a jet plane. I also have a wrecked rowboat on the island. The rain was achieved fairly easily by adding image grain then motion blur to the grain and setting it as an overlay
This last one was made for a job application for Orb Birmingham. Well, doesn't hurt
This was inspired by someone mentioning how their computer was "like a potato but it's a fortified potato." I went with that idea
Image used as a (mock) advertisement
Seasons in a cupboard

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