This is how I made some of my photo art composites using Photoshop. The below is a is a mix of video time lapses from my YouTube channel and image breakdowns.
This image composite is made chiefly from a photo of construction rubble/sand that I took, some sunrise photos from my window, and a waterfall photo used under public domain, along with some additional photography. I am interested in the concept of other planets and I also found that the more vibrant pictures stand out more. The final image is shown on the right.
This composite is based on some interesting lamps I saw in a shop and was permitted to take photographs of. Some sea front photography is used for the environment background.
Although not immediately obvious, the base for this picture is in fact an oval cheese-grater which I photographed from the bottom. The colour is provided by a sunset photo and stars subtly added on. A lot of my content is based on looking at ordinary objects in a different way and seeing how they can be manipulated to produce interesting results.
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