I created this for a project for my graphic design Masters degree. The intent was to produce a series of images that would demonstrate user interface design for a mind map (brainstorm) software. I also created a couple of short video animations showing how the user can interact with the software features.
Having used some free open-source software I noticed a flaw that whereas the code may be sound, the user experience (UX) is lacking and often the software looks antiquated. Thus, I was inspired to want to design software using modern design principles with an emphasis on ease of use. The simpler the function the user intends to perform the more straightforward the software should be.
A key feature, besides usability, of this software is theme options which allow the user to customise how the brainstorm will look using a set of ‘theme’ skins. These do not affect how the software functions, only aesthetic. These include themes such as cork board with red string, blackboard, paper pieces, and marker on whiteboard. The user can also set their own theme using a custom background image.
The loader. I initially had more complex animations for this (spinning logo) but considered that it was too elaborate so simplified to just the "loading" being animated.

The loader panel

Whiteboard theme

Themes panel

"Simple oval" theme. Simple and formal

Cork board theme

"Team Talk" panel to discuss the project in real time akin to services such as Skype, with a liberal sprinkling of Lorem Ipsum filler text

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