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This is a list of my IT tutorials for Windows 10 and games.

Closing Frozen Program
Google Mail
Windows 7-10 Libraries
Customising Windows 10
Extracting compressed files with ZipGenius
Google Drive
Custom Desktop Icons
Using File Explorer
Customising Start Screen
Keyboard Shortcuts
Firefox Reading Mode
Internet Safety ⚠
What is a Website?
Default Apps with Surprising Uses
Photoshop: Scaling and cropping
Photoshop: cool titles
Blender Quick Cards
Blender Standing Lamp
Making Better PowerPoint Presentations
Using Skype

Minecraft (game)

Minecraft Basics
1.12 Features
Claiming Land (plug-in)
Custom Skyblock
Easy Egg Machine 🥚
Farming Animals 🐔
Mob Fencing Tips
Keeping Out Mobs
Medieval House Design
Simple Hidden Entrances
Reverting to 1.8
Resource Packs
Water Elevators 1.13
Custom Elevators
Sketchmap plug-in
Railways 🚆
Easy Temple
Slimefun plug-in
Tinker’s Plug-in
Introduction to IE – Industrial-type machines
such as crushers, metal presses, oil extraction and storage
BC QuarryBC Quarry Mod – auto-mining for materials
Chisel and BitsC&B Introduction – micro-scale modelling
EnderIO Power and Conduits
EnderIOConduit Filters – controlling what is allowed
through conduits/into chests
Tinkers ConstructIntroduction to Tinkers – complex tools
and weapons
Environmental TechVoid Resource Miner
Immersive EngineeringGarden Cloche – easily growing materials
at speed
Just Enough ItemsUsing Just Enough Items
HatcheryIntroduction to Hatchery (chickens 🐔) – chickens
drop materials, allowing a sustainable supply of
materials such as redstone, iron, gold, etc.

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