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Science Fiction and Mechanical

This is a range of image composites created via Photoshop to show a range of often surreal and abstract scenes and ideas (woman riding on a hoverfly, cloud-ships, etc).

All images are ©David Goodwin 2019, do not reproduce

Showing how I make the below images. I have not recorded the process for every image creation:


Cat-horse-lephant (there may be other animals in there).

As humanity, or another species, travels out into the far reaches of space. The ‘planet’ is actually part of a sheep mixed with a marble for texture, the wavery gaseous effect is actually an iris 👁

Set in a dystopian future or alternate timeline, humanity creates flying craft from remains of abandoned vehicles and applicances. This picture is made up primarily of a tractor but also extraction/exhaust fans, pistons, parts of a steam train.

Inspired by a scene from Roald Dahl’s classic book and adaptations of James and the Giant Peach. Only apple and strawberry, not a peach in this case.


Bird skiing

What, you’ve never tried this? You haven’t lived!

This is made up with parts of various trains and goods wagons and is meant to have the appearance of a mechanical worm or snake. Created 31-5-2019

Meant to depict a beautiful but surreal universe with the spaceship travelling through (made up of a dandelion clock, bottle opener, and seafront telescope).

This ‘snail’ is made up of a spiral staircase (the shell), parts of a Singer sewing machine and lights for the eyes along with a fragment of pipe to complete the linking.


Dimension portals


Classic Smartphone

Modern smartphones are incredible pieces of technology. This is the parts that make up a smartphone (gaming, telephone, radio, etc) realised based on their original early form, somewhat less compact.


Land of books

This concept is a place entirely made of books and words, from the open books and pages that make up the land and water, to the pen-and-book bridge, to the wild bookafly, word-tree and book mountains. In some of my works, I set a specific rule as to what types of objects must contruct a scene (e.g. all fruit).

However, although manipulated to create the forms in the finished piece they must still be recognised as what they are. For example, the bookafly is still visibly a book.

The machines have turned against us! This human-gobbling machine is actually made up of a mining vehicle and digger.


Mushroom tea anyone?

In the absence of magic (see Harry Potter), people have figured out other ways to make cars fly, albeit less elegantly.

Inspired by a sticker on an escalator showing how to use it (illustration) where half the figure was cut off in the image.

What if The Great Wall of China was part of the London Underground? Actually, probably best not.


Pizza beach

Do you keep pets in your bag? Something between creepy and cute


Universal Storage


Um, oops. Bad station design!


Arachnophobes look away. Hand spiders!


Canyon (actually a regular beach taken close-up, trick of perspective and editing)

This scene is entirely (sky colour aside) made of fruit and vegetables. Can you identify them? P.s. the road is aubergines stretched out.

A spoof of Apple brand advertising


Impolite notice

Sit down? Actually, maybe best not.


Faux film poster



This piece was made by combining a bus with a mainline train (recoloured) and adding onto a station.


Featuring an Emperor Penguin waiting for the bus

Reality is still loading. This is a location near where I used to live when studying at university.

Made of carrots, olives (rocks), bananas and seagulls (not a food)

Spring fox


You watch the football; the the football of the 51st century watches you right back

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