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Creative Design

Augmented Reality

The concept behind this was to use photographs of landmarks in Plymouth, Devon, (where I studied) and apply an image overlay that will be added when the user points their device at the building/other.

Photo Repairs

I use Adobe Photoshop to digitally repair old photographs which have become torn, scratched and stained over time.

Photo Art

Fastertrack on YouTube Animals, cuteness ♥ This bag has an inhabitant Penguin getting the bus Cat receptionist? Cat writer Cat-ele-horse Floating fruit in the clouds Woman riding a hoverfly Ever been bird-skiing? Previous Next Science Fiction and Mechanical Earth Spinner, what makes us turn Previous Next David Goodwin When the bin doesn’t get emptied If…
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Graphic Design

Client: University of Warwick Client: Carer’s Trust Promotional and other materials for the Carer’s Week event in 2016 Adjustments to their leaflet Client: Healthwatch Hillingdon Other clients Lifepath Trust The client wanted me to remake a set of leaflets for them aimed at people with disabilities, people assisting them, or people looking for volunteer for…
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