Free PowerPoint (mostly) tutorials and guides to using features on the computer and online. Primarily aimed at beginners

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Using Google Mail

Using Google Mail

How to use Google Mail, a free electronic mail (email) system.

Frozen mountains

Closing Frozen Programs

Programs can freeze up on a computer, meaning they do not respond and usually indicated with "Not Responding". This is how to force-close them safely.

Windows Libraries icons

Libraries on Windows 7 - 10

Using Libraries to organise and easily access your files on Windows 7 and above.



Paintbrush and pallette

Customising Windows 10

Making Windows 10 your own (cosmetically) by changing colour 'accents', themes, etc.

Close-up of a zip

Extracting Compressed Files with ZipGenius*

Compressed folders are a common way to share a number of files at once online but need to be extracted to be used.


Using Google Drive

A free cloud service that comes as part of your Google account. Allows you to save and share files easily online for collaberative work.

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